A typical day in a classroom at Algonquin Preschool includes:
  • Circle Time- Helpers/Jobs, Stories, Songs/Fingerplays, Calendar   
  • Free Choice/Learning Centers
  • Clean Up Time/Bathroom Time
  • Snack
  • Outdoor Play/Large Motor
  • Closing Circle
We begin each day with circle time which is a group gathering during which the day’s plans, ideas, and observations are shared.  Circle time activities are designed to stimulate children’s thinking, enrich their social skills and expand their attention spans.

After circle time, children are then encouraged to explore classroom learning centers. All classroom materials are placed on low shelves, encouraging children to select and use materials on their own.  We also label our containers to assist the children in putting the toys away.  This helps build their self confidence and independence.

Children are invited to explore, play, and learn in the following centers: 

Literacy development helps children build an understanding of language and literature.  It includes listening, speaking, reading and writing activities.  These activities help build skills in areas such as communication, vocabulary, letter recognition and comprehension.

The Art Center is designed to allow your children to be able to explore their creative side.  The art center allows your children to develop hand/eye coordination, use their imagination and see it in a tangible form, experiment with mixing colors, and show their feelings and moods through art. 

The Sensory Center is designed to allow your child to learn measurements and densities in an entertaining atmosphere.  The Sensory Center allows your children to learn measurements through comparison and trial, develop hand/eye coordination by pouring, discover the properties of sand and water, and sharing an area with others.

Gross-Motor Activities give children the opportunity to use their muscles  -as well as their imaginations – as they engage in fun, healthy exercises such as running, jumping and climbing.

The Playdough Center is designed to allow your child to be creative and to experiment with different forms.  The playdough center gives your child the opportunity to develop hand/eye coordination, discover the properties of playdough, share an area with others, use their imagination and creativity, and develop and strengthen their small muscles.

The Block Center is designed to develop coordination, refine motor skills, and balance.  This area allow your child to work on their hand/eye coordination, math concepts (number, size, shape, space, & weight), sharing with others, and imagination & creativity.

The Manipulative Center allows your child to develop their fine motor skills, their hand/eye coordination, and practicing problem solving skills.  Examples of manipulatives are legos, pegs, beads, scissors, lacing cards, puzzle, etc…

The Dramatic Play Center allows your child to experiment with different roles, work with other children, share & make compromises, and  practice verbal skills,

Our curriculum is theme based, for example: All About Me, My Family, Transportation, Fall Fun, Dinosaurs, Snowmen, Winter Fun, Bugs, and Spring Fun.  Here is a sample monthly activities.

Parent Testimonial- "Outstanding program!!!  I am so pleased and the teachers are so kind.  I feel as though I am leaving my child with a great friend/family member.  The best part of this program is how nurturing and loving the staff is!"