Children Learning through play

Algonquin Preschool believes that play is a child's natural way of learning.  We provide opportunities for play based education through a variety of activities:

  • Interest Centers
  • Science & Nature Experiments
  • Story time & Sharing
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Indoor/Outdoor Large Motor Activities

Below are a few examples of children learning through play.

Melting blocks of ice with warm water and eye droppers.

Children are  using:
fine motor skills
hand eye coordination
cause and effect

Sorting bears with a friend.

Children are:
matching and classifying
fine motor skills
working together

 Reading a book.

Children are:
pre-reading skills- left to right progression, top to bottom
love of books
remember details
express ideas

  Process Art                                                  

Children are:
able to explore different types of media
express creativity
develop eye hand coordination
developing small muscle control